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PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2013 Booth No: 2123

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     2013 PAACE Automechanika Mexico Central America International Trade Show for Auto Parts, Raw Material Processing and After-sales Services

    The exhibition will be held from July 10 to 12, 2013 in Mexico City, Centro Banamex Exhibition Center sponsor Frankfurt Messe Atlanta company will hold the annual China exhibition organizer Beijing Link International Exhibition Co., LTD

    The Central American International Auto Parts, Raw material processing and after-sales Service Trade Show was founded in 1994 and has developed into the most influential international professional exhibition in the central American auto parts industry. The exhibition is held annually and regularly at the Banamex Exhibition Center in Mexico City. The exhibition is themed on automobile products, including aftermarket and original parts, automobile tires and performance parts, retrofit parts and related maintenance equipment and tools. The exhibition guides international auto parts, accessories, the international trend of aftermarket service and OEM industry, attracted from the United States, Canada, the Czech republic, Japan, the United States, Russia, and many other countries of the exhibitors, has rapidly developed into Mexico and Central America important automotive industry exhibition, for our country automobile enterprises provides a good chance to open the development of the American market. Mexico is an important geographical location connecting the south and North American continents, and its convenient external transportation network provides good conditions for opening the North and South American markets. Mexico's market is attractive: Its cheap labor force, with a population of 103.3 million, ranks third in the Americas after the U.S. and Brazil, and 11th in the world, with an annual per capita income of $4,000. Enjoy all the preferential tariffs and quotas in NAFTA. Eight of the world's top ten car-assembly plants are in Mexico. At the same time, there are more than one thousand auto parts factories in China, most of which are foreign factories. Mexico has become the most attractive destination for investment in the car industry. Toyota Motor Corp. is investing $800 million to build an assembly plant in Mexico that will open in 2014. Mexico machinery equipment and other capital and technical support is relatively lack, all kinds of advantages show that the exhibition is a good choice to enter the Latin American auto parts market!

Range of exhibits? Components and systems: components and components of automobile drives, chassis, tires, body, electrical equipment and electronic systems; Automotive internal, external, drive, driving power and electronic control systems and modules; ? Accessories and modification: Automobile accessories, special equipment, modification system, performance system, automobile decoration; ? Repair and maintenance: automobile service and maintenance equipment, body repair and painting, maintenance station construction management; ? IT and management: IT products, vehicle exchange, insurance, finance, lease management, damage management; ? Vehicle testing service, dealer management system, agency planning and design, agency market; ? Gas station and car wash: Gas station equipment, car maintenance and cleaning, etc.